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Kiwisaver Advice

Don’t Have a KiwiSaver.

If you don’t have KiwiSaver you are very likely missing out of free money… so you need to get one!

If you don’t have one our research team will set you up for free with the best KiwiSaver Product in NZ and help guide you select the options that are right for you…. It only takes a few mins over the phone.

Have a KiwiSaver, I Just Need a Little Help

If you already have a KiwiSaver you need to get personalised financial advice that will tell you which KiwiSaver to use and how to best use it for the best financial outcome.  This advice will be in the form of a report that compares your current KiwiSaver to our researched best NZ KiwiSaver SuperLife owned by NZX.

Our report with show all the actual fees, performance returns, benefits, and other things we think are important to look at when comparing KiwiSaver products to each other. At the end of the day for most people its performance return after tax and after fees that counts so that is our focus.

We will recommend the best investment options for you to select from the 42 funds available in the SuperLife KiwiSaver and continue to update this as the funds go up and down each year.

Our ongoing advice and researched asset selection is charged to each client at 0.5% of the yearly balance.


SuperLife Application

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