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Corporate Advice

We provide insurance advice on a corporate level to cater for your employees and ensure that they are looked after in the long run. Good employee benefit plans and programmes are designed to reward staff, this will result in retention of your staff, creating a healthy and happy workforce.

There are many hidden costs that may impact a business if staff were to leave, these include;

  • Reduction in productivity. Just before a staff member leaves a role, their productivity tends to reduce with their focus straying to areas away from work.
  • With a loss of an employee comes the loss of training put into that employee and the loss of the experience gained from their time with the company. Employees also know the ‘ins and outs’ of your business, making it easier for a business’s intellectual property to be lost to competitors.
  • Additional costs and time needed for employing new staff
  • New staff will need training which can lead to a time period of less productive work until they are up to speed with current employees.

To ensure your business has employee retention it is essential to look after your workforce, we provide insurance advice that will send you in the right direction for doing this.

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