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Dylan Mann

CEO/Head of Investment Advice

Ben Wickins

Head of Insurance Advice

Pete Fenwick

Senior Investment Adviser

Andrew Hamilton

Wellington Investment Adviser

Our Mission

The Advice Hub comprises of a group of highly motivated, experienced and well-educated individuals. Reaching a highly diversified client base, our team builds trusted, long-term relationships, with the ultimate goal of ensuring their clients achieve the best financial outcomes.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Dylan Mann, encompasses strong leadership qualities enabling him to mentor our Junior Advisers, to provide top, professional services to all clients at The Advice Hub. In addition to this, Dylan is a passionate, motivated Adviser who donates his time to educate the community on financial topics such as retirement planning for an enhanced financial future. As well as holding a professional position, Dylan is a dedicated family man with two young boys who encourage him to hold a good work-life balance.

With a holistic, professional approach, The Advice Hub are a dedicated group of individuals who aim to exceed their client’s expectations right from the initial meeting. Our motto as seen below incorporates all aspects we see key when it comes to working with our clients.

Trust + Credibility + Confidentiality = Results

To enable our Advisers to provide personalised advice for the individual, we aim to keep our client base to 300 clients per adviser per year. This will ensure the highest level of service and allow our advisers to provide tailored advice to each individual client.

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